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Sweet long-hair tortoise shell cat
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Fun Feline Facts

  • Why does my cat like to rub against me?
    Cat marking her territory

    Ownership! When your cat rubs up against you it sure does feel like a sign of affection. But what is the the real motivation? Your cat is actually rubbing his scent on you, claiming you as his property!

  • Why does my cat Meow?
    Cat meowing

    Communication! Cat's have developed over 100 sounds. They do not meow at other cats, instead, they use these sounds to talk to you. The more you talk to your cat, the more your cat will chat back with you.

  • Why do cats sleep so much?
    Cat sleeping

    Well, it depends on their age. Kittens sleep because they HAVE to. Kittens release a growth hormone only when sleeping, so they need to sleep in order to grow. Adult cats? They just sleep because the CAN! Who wouldn't want to sleep 16 hours a day!

  • Why do cats bring home fresh kills?
    Cat hunting

    Your cat doesn't really think of itself as a tiny human, it thinks of you as a really big cat! When your cat brings home a gift after a hunt, it's trying to either provide food for you or trying to teach you how to hunt for yourself. Now, isn't that sweet?

  • Why do cats hiss?
    Cat hissing

    Warning! Cat's don't really want to get into a physical confrontation, so they try to scare off their enemies by mimicing a snake. Cat's reveal their fangs and make sounds similar to snakes. Even Indiana Jones would take pause at that.